Excursion to Abune Melketsedek Monastery

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Tour Code BTT 009 - Excursion to Abune Melketsedek Monastery

In the early morning start driving to this magnificent gift of nature is found 270 km away from Addis Ababa in Northern Shewa. When you arrive at this Rock Hewn monastery you will need to gather up the strength to go about 820 steps down to get to the monastery. Finally you will reach to see such a magical view that makes you feel like it was worth the trouble. You will get to see the astounding nature of the beautiful long water fall that comes down from top of the mountain just perfectly passing the monastery and enjoy the serenity. Then you will live in a day’s life of the monks.

In the afternoon after refreshing in your comfortable rooms provided by the monastery take a tour of the history behind this place. Then you shall witness miracles of the promise of God to “Abune Melketsedek” as told by monks that “The body of anyone who is buried in this monastery will never decay”. And without any preservative miraculously the remains of the monks that died over 200 years ago still have hair, body parts still visible.