Best Travel and Tours worked on weekdays, evenings, and weekends to ensure that about 40 conference participants from around the world had airline tickets and appropriate visas. They ensured that these 40 participants were able to secure their visas in advance or on arrival, and were on hand to act as a resource for visa information to about 100 other participants. They were also very flexible and timely in responding to requests for ticket changes. [+ Full Article]


I am writing to express once again my special gratitude o you and your collegues at Best Travel, as well as to the guides and drives in Axum and Lalibela. We couldn’t hav had a better experience from the very beginning of our planning for the trip. I greatly appreciated the immediate responses from you and Mr Lemma as we developed the plans. From our perspective, the plans all worked out very well during all of the days of sightseeing both in Addis Ababa and Tigray. You are clearly a well managed operation! As I recall, all of the meetings we had arranged were timely, and we were never kept waiting. You also went out of your way to make sure we had everything we needed, like the hotel receipt for Axum. Most important, we learned much from you about history of Ethiopia and current life and enjoyed your company throughout. We were also welcomed by the drivers and guides in Axum and Lalibela, who were flexible and worked hard to meet our needs too.

Thank you once again for all you did to assure a most memorable and enjoyable trip. I have also let Saba and Martha at the IPAS Office that we had an excellent experience with Best Travel.

Guide: Tesfaw
We really enjoyed having Tesfaw around on our trip. He is very helpful and guided us well. It was a pleasure to have someone who knows so much about Ethiopia. Thanks a lot Tesfaw. Food was excellent especially traditional Ethiopian Food.
Apart from the amazing nature and cultural beauty of Ethiopia, the people are really wonderful. It is an experience we will always cherish
Tesfaw and Solomon made us very comfortable and we felt completely at home in this beautiful country of yours!!!
Thank you

Recommendation from CIMMYT – Ethiopia Office

CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) on competitive basis has hired Best Travels and Tours (BTT) as its event organizer for “Wheat for food security in Africa international Conference which was held from October 8 - 12, 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ...
... I, the local organizing committee chairman, therefore would like to extend my great appreciation for BTT’s unlimited effort in attaining such well organized conference. BTT will be our future choice for such type of events. I would like to recommend BTT for anyone organizing such type of high level international conference. Keep on the good work! [+ Full Article]


Greetings from Zambia,

I must say, job well done in organizing the wheat conference. Thank you for all your travel arrangements, they were smooth and I was not inconvenienced in any way. Thank you for the warm Ethiopian hospitality. Keep up the good work

GIZ Sasakawa Africa Association


Name: Arun Herur

Arrival on: 10Sep11

Departure on: 02Sep11


On Guide: Tesfaw, very understanding, helpful, cooperative and informative. Look forward to his company on many future tours.

On Hotel: - Adequate/ Satisfactory

On food: Adequate/ Satisfactory

On driver: Samson; safe and steady, very helpful

On Vehicle: 4WD was good and gave no trouble

Any additional comment: This is my second tour with Tesfaw and Best Travels. Very pleased and happy with the tour.


Name :Philippe Durant

Address :C/O German Embassy School Addis Ababa

Telephone : 091 313 50 58

Comments :

On hotels/lodges - Beautiful location

On food - OK

On driver- Very good

On vehicle- Just right/Good

Guide – Ato Yoseph very knowledgeable


"We were absolutely delighted with our trip through the Rift Valley with Best Tours. All the arrangements worked very well; the hotels were very good and the trips to the National Parks were wonderful. We saw and experienced so much. There were four of us in our group and we all enjoyed different highlights the landscape, the boiling hot springs, the wildlife especially the zebras and the hippos and the culture. Our guide was fabulous;extremely courteous, resourceful and very flexible. At our request, he added extra visits to our itinerary so we were able to visit a school and take even more photos along our journey."

"Before we left we did a second trip, a day trip to the Wenchi Crater to the west of Addis Ababa. Yet again it more than fulfilled our expectations, with more breathtaking scenery, a visit to beautiful Addis Alem(St Maryam) Church built by Emperor Menelik II and excellent venues for coffee and lunch."
"We really did have the best of times."

Jane, Stephen, William and Harriet Struthers, Oxford.


“We had some very nice Holidays. We really enjoyed our stay in Egypt. The Hotels were okay, the Zoser in Cairo was the Best. Well organized, good food, friendly staff. The Buffet on New year’s Eve was very impressing, like a piece of art. And very tasty.
We had a clever tour manager who really cared for us. The program was carried out accordingly. Also additional activities were possible. We had dinner at a Nile boat, a tour to the Monastery St. Catherine and a trip with the Yellow Submarine to the Coral Reefs. Only the weather was not like expected, it was a bit cold. But this is something, neither Best Travels nor Rio Egypt can control. So don’t worry. We will recommend your job to our friends and others.

Once again- Big Thanks

Yours, Frank "


Name or passenger/customer: Ms. Yuri
From: Japan
Type of tour: Southern (Omo Valley) Tour

Comment about our services:
GREAT!!! Tesfaw arranged everything that I wanted to go and see, even though the schedule was only for 3 nights and four days.

Comment about our guide:

He’s very considerate, and polite. He has put priority on us always and he has good eye sight, which made it easier for us to find wild animals.

Comment about our Hotels:

It was a great experience to stay in various kinds of hotels. We especially enjoyed the great nature.

Comment about the car driver:

He’s more than a driver. When the waiter in a hotel told us that photos are not allowed, he negotiated with him and let us take photos. His driving was very safe with good skills.


Name of passenger/customer: Mr. and Mrs. Zatkin

Country: USA

Type of Tour: Omo Valley

Comment about our services: Easy to work with when Howard was making arrangements by e-mail.
Comment about the guide: Tesfaw did his best to suit the program to what we wanted to do. He hired good local guides and his information about Ethiopian history helped us enjoy what we saw.
Comment about the hotels: Jinka-food was good. Room was okay. Paradise Lodge-beautiful lodge and location. At neither hotel did we have hot water at any time.
Comment about the car/driver: Habtamu, our driver, was friendly and helpful, a good driver in difficult conditions. A good mechanic when the car broke down.


Group Name: Group Ms. Hilde Kieboom

Arrival on: 04 Aug, 2011

Departure on: 11Aug, 2011


On Guide- Very good guides in Addis, Bahir Dar, Lalibela and Axum, Competent, Punctual, correct and flexible

On Hotels

Ghion: OK but no internet services. Can be better!

Lake Tana Hotel: Good, Ok restaurant, but no internet

Mountain View: Good Hotel, Good service

Remhai: Not good, bad services

On Food: Acceptable

On driver: Very good, careful, flexible, efficient and prudent

On Vehicle: OK

Any other additional comments

Very excellent organization. Really Best Travel. Religious perspective could be more elaborated. Tourists should be more informed about rainy season weather conditions and required equipment. In general, we will make publicity for you.


Name: Alice Kielmann (Franziska)

Arrival on: 07Aug, 2011


On Guide: Very well informed about animals, nature and environment. Was very flexible about client wishes. Very kind.

On food: Was Okay. Nice view and surrounding.

On Driver: Very good

On Vehicle: Too small for 9 people, especially the second row is too small. Please inform us next time

Any other additional comment:

More walking and less driving inside the parks would have been nice.


Name: Erika Frey (Cordia)

Arrival on: 07Aug11

Departure on: 07Aug11


On Guide: Tesfaw, an excellent guide with lots of enthusiasm, gave us in depth information about Addis. Thanks!

On Hotel: -

On food: Excellent choice, had a good meal

On driver: Excellent driver, keeps an eye on everything and is concerned about our safety.

On Vehicle: Nice and spacious bus

Any additional comment: Thanks for a very nice day together. Wishing you all the best!